Our Story

Phenotype was founded in the summer of 2008 by the Committee of the Oxford University Biochemical Society as a newsletter by scientists and for scientists. Marina Kolesnichenko (President of OUBS 2008-09), Maria Demidova (Secretary), Muhan Wang (Treasurer), Camilla Oxley (IT), Pelin Uluocack (Website), Maria Carroll (Social Secretary), and post-doc representatives Nick Anthis and Rodrigo Reyes served as founding members. Sara Iqbal and David Yadin joined as first editors.

You can read the first issue here!

top row from left: Pelin Uluocack, Maria Carroll, Alice Blanchford, Andrew Fire (invited speaker of the Society), Sevin Sofueva, Camilla Oxley, Muhan Wang bottom row from left: Marina Kolesnichenko and Maria Demidova

Over the next few years, Phenotype transitioned from a departmental newsletter to a printed journal that reaches all science departments at Oxford.

You can read about the history of the journal in the TT2019 issue, including updates from the founding members!

Phenotype is completely volunteer-run and welcomes contributions from students, postdocs, and group leaders.

The mission of the journal is to inform the scientific community about scientific developments in Oxford and beyond.

Back row: James Halstead and Senior Member Tony Watts, Front row: Alana, Alice Blanchford, Sarah Iqbal, Maria Carrol, Marina Kolesnichenko and Camilla Oxley